Martina Miniussi



Born in 2004, this talented young musician started her musical career at the age of seven when she began to play the bassoon. A year later she won her first national and international competitions, and began playing in concerts as a soloist when she was ten. Since then she has performed in numerous concerts as a soloist and has studied with world renowned bassoon players.

Performance Experience

Performed as a soloist some Vivaldi bassoon concertos with the following orchestras:

The baroque Ensemble of the ‘G. Tartini’ Conservatory in Piran, Croatia.   2022

The string orchestra of the Monfalcone Philarmonic Orchestra in Italy                  2020

The ‘Louis Spohr Sinfonietta’ in Austria – 2017

The string orchestra of the Ljubljana Philarmonic in Slovenia – 2014

  • Plays regularly in the ‘Ferruccio Busoni’ orchestra in Trieste. – 2021 to present
  • Plays in the student orchestra of The ‘Giuseppe Tartini’ conservatory in Trieste. – 2019 to present
  • Played stage music at the Salzburg Festival – 2022.
  • Played several concerts with the orchestra of the Summer Academy of the Vienna Philharmonic including the Konzerthaus of Berlin at the YoungEuroClassic Festival and in the Mozarteum in Salzburg. – 2022
  • Played several concerts with the CEMAN Orchestra in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. – 2022


  • Edgar Willems Insitute in Ljubljana with Paolo Calligaris (first bassoon at the Ljubliana Philarmonic Orchestra).  2012 -2017
  • Masterclasses with Stepán Turnovský, Sophie Dervaux, Benedikt Dinkhauser and Harald Mueller.-  2022
  • Bassoon course with Francesco Bossone in the ‘Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia’ in Rome. November 2021
  • Sergio Lazzeri’s bassoon class at the conservatory “Giuseppe Tartini” of Trieste, where she is now finishing her bachelor degree.  – 2019 to present
  • Masterclasses with Sergio Azzolini (2012 and 2013) and Giorgio Mandolesi (2017, 2018 and 2019) 



  • Second prize (first not awarded) at The ‘Città di Chieri’ international competition (Italy) and First prize at The ‘Narnia Festival’ competition (Italy). – 2018
  • First prize at The ‘A. Salieri’ international competition + ‘Enfant Prodige’ special prize (Italy). – 2017
  • First prize at The ‘Temsig’ international competition (Slovenia). – 2016
  • First prize at The ‘Svirel’ international competition (Slovenia). – 2015
  • First prize at The ‘Città di Palmanova’ competition (Italy). – 2015
  • First prize at The ‘Città di Treviso’ international competition (Italy). – 2014
  • First prizeat The ‘Città di Padova’ international competition (Italy). – 2014
  • First prize at The ‘Città di Palmanova’ competition (Italy). – 2013